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Schmidt Research Partners Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (452684).
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Global Risk Experts
Alternative & Traditional Assets, Hedge Funds & Risk Management
Schmidt Research Partners Limited is a London based investment advisory firm, providing global advisory, due diligence, rating and research.
We focus on two issues: finding outstanding, stable, long-term investment opportunities and avoiding bad investments, i.e. disasters such as highly leveraged funds, illquid investments and fraudulent managers.
In our investment approach we specialise in risk and risk factors: Quantitative and Qualitative Risks, quantifiable and non-quantifiable. The process ranges from understanding known and new risks, identifying them and managing them. Our research is based on in-depth qualitative, quantitative and structural analysis of financial markets, its participants and instruments, in particular alternative investment strategies and investment opportunities. more
The two founders of Schmidt Research Partners Ltd have combined experience of 40 years in financial markets and rating experience of over 15 years. more
Jacob H Schmidt is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Schmidt Research Partners Limited.
Susi Schmidt is a founding partner and Chief Operating Officer of Schmidt Research Partners Limited.